Fluid CMS - Custom built content management system for Fluid Digital clients.

Fluid CMS - Custom built content management system for Fluid Digital clients.

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UI / UX design


The brief was to design a basic custom CMS for clients on Fluid Digital in order for them to manage and monitor their websites. Fluid Digital is primarily an e-commerce agency however, they do have clients who have very basic brochure style sites. In order for these clients to manage their own site they wanted to design a very basic CMS for them to use.


Interestingly the challenge here was stripping down a CMS to its most basic components, keeping it as simple as possible. Striking a balance between having the appropriate level of customisation without overwhelming the client and giving them the option to change what they needed was a fine line.

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The CMS has a very basic analytics section where users can view Users vs New Users. Page Sessions and Page Views.  This stripped down version of more complex platforms like Wordpress and Google Analytics was more than enough to fulfil the needs of these smaller clients.

Using the CMS clients can manage page content, blog posts and create page templates. Making it very simple to add pages to their site and easily update content.