Hartmann Direct - E-commerce project for Europes largest provider of incontinence products.

Hartmann Direct - E-commerce project for Europes largest provider of incontinence products.

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UI / UX design


This project was to re-design, re-platform and launch a new e-commerce website for Hartmann Direct.

Hartmann had some very specific goals which needed to be met. They wanted to increase current conversion rate from 5% to 6%, increase website sessions from an average of 2901 per month to an average of 5000 per month, decrease average bounce rates on mobile from 44% to 32% and on tablet from 35% to 32%.

The old website had a dated front end design, was not mobile friendly, it also didn't follow the new Hartmann branding and there was no integration with Hartmann’s other internal systems.


The project raised some unique challenges due to the sensitive nature of the product being sold and the age range of the customer. The audience has primary age range 50+ with 75% being over 40. There is a pretty even split of 57% women and 43% men. 43% of users are referred by a healthcare professional. It was assumed that the large percentage of the target audience had a higher than average disposable income, they would rather solve the problem themselves than go through the NHS. Due to this, these types of visitors and other new users would be looking for advice and guidance.

Most customers suffered from long term issues. Hartmann products are recommended by health care professionals and therefore perceived as a higher quality product than that of their main competitors. Hartmann offer advice and help on the most suitable product for a customers. On the NHS, customers are limited to 3 products per day and have to wait up to 6 weeks to receive their products. Hartmann can supply the same products much quicker and the customer can buy in bulk. Some Hartmann products are Ph 5.5, which means they are non irritable. This is a feature totally unique to Hartmann products.


Hartmann's new brand guidelines provided the basis for the look and feel of the redesign. Special attention had to be given to the type size and colour contrast due to the age range of the average customer. The aim of the redesign was to funnel users through the product selector function as each product is very unique to each individual case. This way it would decrease the risk of the customer purchasing the wrong product. Emphasis was given to the speed and discretion of delivery.

The product selector function only provides one result at the end of the process, this takes the worry out of making a decision during a potentially stressful time. Especially important for first time visitors. Advice was provided at each stage to provide reassurance and comfort to the customer as they moved through the process.

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It was interesting to work on an e-commerce project with a completely unique set of challenges and problems to solve. The sensitivity of the product and the target market made it particularly different from most other e-commerce websites I'd worked on in the past. The chance to work on unique solutions like a product selector and recurring orders was good fun. Finally working on a project with such clear goals was a pleasure, it means you can pinpoint the areas which need to be improved and focus your energies on them.