JTB Travel Navigator Concept - The app that allows visitors to Japan find events, places of interest and create custom itineraries. 

JTB Travel Navigator - The app that allows visitors to Japan find events, places of interest and create custom itineraries. 

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UI / UX design


JTB is the largest travel agency in Japan and one of the largest in the world. They wanted to redesign their existing Travel Navigator app.

The goals were to rebrand the app to better position it to non-Japanese users, rethink the user experience to become more intuitive and powerful to use, redesign some features which may impact the backend, rebuild the app as an iOS, Android and web-app and introduce new social sharing capability.


JTB have been a more traditional travel agency and their transition from walk in offices to a digital presence has been somewhat slow compared to other agencies. The Travel Navigator will act as the first step in modernizing JTB's approach.

The Miko Chatbot was a great feature however, needed a lot of improvement due to lack of quality replies to content requests. The search functionality was also far too limited. You could only search by area OR category and not both. This lack of specificity was frustrating for users who had a good idea what they wanted to search for. It was also ’open’ at all times making it far too intrusive.  The app allows users to search for locations within Japan and view tourist itineraries. This seemed like a popular feature but the usability was a little clunky and some of the UI a little unclear. Making your own plans from existing Itineraries suffered from a few of the same issues.

Another major issue to overcome was that within an Itinerary clicking on the directions link invited the user to download a second app in order to view directions. This wasn’t an ideal solution.


The quality and volume of content was the key to increasing the value of the app. Initially this lack of quality content was holding back was could be a very valuable tool for visitors.

Itineraries can include places of interest, restaurants and bars, late night entertainment, tours, museums and art galleries etc. They are now curated by JTB agents based in the associated locations, giving the content more detail and value. These plans can now be saved and edited by users so they can create their own unique itineraries, which can then be shared. The direction to certain Itinerary spots now open within the same app, this greatly reduces the pain point of having to use two apps to get the most out of the content.

The search functionality is now far more comprehensive in order for users to search for specific places and activities within a designated location. This allows users to make detailed Itineraries before they visit a place. The content has now been greatly improved and is more comprehensive, giving users access to a more comprehensive list of options. This greatly increases the value of the Miko Chatbot functionality.

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