Qurate Engage - A simple app to combine all your social media interactions in one place.

Qurate Engage - A simple app to combine all your social media interactions in one place.

Engage – Hero


UI / UX design


Engage is a module of Qurate Hub, a desktop app which combines marketing tools all in one place. After discussions with some users, many of them preferred to deal with customer interactions on the go or liked to deal with them as and when they came in, this of course meant they were not always at their desktop computers or laptops.


Up to this point Qurate Hub is purely a desktop app with very little need for the functionality to be available on mobile devices. So this would mean working for the first time with mobile styles and interactions. The Qurate Design System did not yet extend to mobile devices and so this had to be taken into consideration and seems an excellent opportunity to start creating mobile styles.

Engage – Detail 1
Engage – Detail 2
Engage – Detail 3
Engage – Detail 4


The Engage section converted very well into an app keeping all the key functionality, allowing you to connect your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram accounts so you can manage your mentions, comments, and direct message all from one place.

This allowed customers to use the app without signing up to the desktop version, opening it up to a potential new user base.

As your mentions, comments and direct messages come in, you can choose to engage with them, ignore them and flag them. This automatically sorts them so you can keep track of your interactions.


I felt that using some design patterns from existing native apps would encourage new users to make the transition from several apps to just one without too much friction. I plan to A/B alternate patterns as several questions remain, such as do users prefer to see their interactions sorted by type e.g. mentions,  by social platform e.g. Twitter or by their individual social accounts.