Qurate Hub - The platform that enables marketers to discover, plan, publish, drive, engage and analyse their marketing content in one place.

Qurate Hub - The platform that enables creative, content, marketing, social and analytics professionals to work together in one place.

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Qurate Hub is a social media application aimed at inexperienced marketers and business owners without social marketing strategies. A platform which aims to educate and empower.

In the current age of digital marketing having a strong, consistent message is critical. Your brand voice is a distillation of who you are and what you want your consumers to know. This means that developing a content strategy and crafting a core message that truly captures the heart of your brand can be the difference between success and failure.

With so much of today’s marketing based on the reuse and repurpose of content. Qurate Hub was conceived as a way of making this process as effortless as possible. Businesses are under great pressure to constantly produce high quality content which speaks to current and potential customers. This demands a great deal of teams and content creators. Managing this process, sometimes across multiple teams and locations is complex.


Qurate Hub started out as a way of curating relevant content for the purpose of being reused and reappropriated but soon expanded into creation, scheduling and insights. It was soon realised that this process isn’t linear but circular and to really tackle the problem you needed to have each point on this circle inform the next.

While working on the product and speaking to potential customers it was discovered that a high percentage of businesses and business owners know there is value of social marketing but don't know how to get started or have some social strategy but have no idea if what they are doing is working for them. This created a unique opportunity to pivot the product and target these types of customers. The product could become an educational tool as well as increase productivity.

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The challenge was to create a light-weight tool which would streamline the marketing process, solving marketing problems in a simple way, but also educating and empowering businesses by demystifying the marketing process. Qurate Hub works a series of modules which can be mixed and matched. Each module tackles a different problem. Approaching it from this angle allows customers to use the tool in a way that suits them. A lot of current marketing tools offer end to end solutions and as a result are bloated and complex, with a steep learning curve. They assume a high level of expertise from their potential customers. Qurate Hub aimed to be an antidote to these types of platforms.


Discover helps marketers with organizing, planning and building the foundations of their campaigns. Using a series of basic stand alone tools which include establishing campaign goals, creating a value ladder, creating user personas, user journeys and the type of content topics which would appeal to these potential customers. With Planner you can then use these foundations to help decide where, when and in what way this content would be presented.

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The Publish composer lets you create, schedule, and publish to your channels straight from the platform. You can compose one post and publish it simultaneously to multiple social channels.

The content timeline gives you an overview of everything you’ve published. You can view all of your content or sort and filter it by channel, type, or whichever metrics are most important to your brand. You can also plan ahead by using the future content timeline to organize and schedule upcoming posts or campaigns.


From within Engage you can  manage your Mentions, Comments, and Direct Message all from one place. Ideal for managing several social accounts and interacting with your customers.

You can apply custom tags to your content  and pool into categories, making it easier for your team to monitor and track them across social channels to identify how trends of audience engagement develop over time, all within Insights.

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Initially the idea for Qurate Hub was conceived from some very top level research. It was then designed and built as an MVP and only then was it put in front of potential customers for validation. There was some interest however, it was quickly discovered that the market for this type of product was extremely saturated.

However, during this process we started to uncover the real issues that marketers had. It turned out we were looking in the wrong place. The more interviews we conducted the stronger the idea of how we could solve the real problems began to shine through. This time we validated the idea before doing any development work and the difference in success was huge.

We initially got everything the wrong way round, we created something then tried to find the problem it solved when there wasn’t a huge demand for it. The second time round we found the problem first then tried to solve it.