Qurate Planner - A flexible planning tool for marketers.

Qurate Planner - Plan anything with this simple, flexible planning tool.

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While talking to potential customers during the research phase for Qurate Hub we started to realise that the real pain point for a lot of marketers wasn't the act of publishing or creating their content but instead organizing, planning and building the foundations of their campaigns. This included establishing campaign goals, creating a value ladder, creating user personas, user journeys and the type of content topics which would appeal to these potential customers. Then using these foundations to help decide where, when and in what way this content would be presented.

A lot of marketers and marketing agencies where using Google Sheets or Excel as current tools didn't fulfill their needs. This caused issues with collaboration and organization of tasks across teams. The use of these tools also made it almost impossible to prove ROI. We felt this was an area we could move into.


Whilst researching other marketing tools, which claim to be a full end to end solution it started to become clear that most of these tools are overwhelmingly complex and assume a high degree of knowledge from potential customers.

Research from interviews with marketers of all experience levels revealed that many companies employ a marketing process but these very rarely have any structure or goal to them. If they do have a goal it’s very hard to prove if that goal was successful.

Most businesses know they should have a marketing process but knowing where to start and how to lay the foundations for a successful campaign remains extremely hard. As a small business trying to market your company can be a daunting prospect.


Helping small businesses to get started in marketing seemed to be an area that very few products where operating in. We decided to start creating a series of foundation apps that not only provided the tools to get started but actually taught users how to become marketers.

These tools would help users to lay the foundations of their marketing. They included apps to create personas, value ladders, buyer journeys and decide business goals. As well as accompanying content.

These tools would then help to give clarity to the content you create. They would help to decide what type of content, who it was aimed at, at what part of the buyer journey should the content be targeted and what the goal of the overall campaign is.

These pieces of content can be planned in bulk inside planner and added to a calendar if desired. The planner consists mainly of two core functionalities. A calendar and a kanban board. Both sit on the same page but the proportion of the screen each section takes up can be adjusted to suite which ever you are working on at the time. This allows you to work simultaneously on creating tags and planning campaigns.

These tags are full customisable and be added to content. Everything can then be filtered by tags, making it a very flexible way of having different calendar views.

Users can link the foundation tools to the calendar so for example they can associate a persona with a piece of content.

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This project really underlined why researching your potential users and really listening to them, keeping an open mind and being flexible is so important. We set out to prove an assumption but ended up discovering a much larger problem in a less saturated market.