Toppan Social Hub - Branding for bespoke version of Qurate Hub. 

Toppan Social Hub - Branding for bespoke version of Qurate Content Hub.

TSH – Hero


UI / UX design


Toppan are a Japanese global printing company founded in 1900 and headquartered in Tokyo. They are currently the world’s largest printing company.
Toppan licensed Qurate Hub to use internally for their new digital marketing team and to sell on to their own clients, so they can manage their own social marketing campaigns.

They needed new branding for the newly licensed Toppan Social Hub platform.


The main challenge with the reskinning of Qurate Hub was the translation of the content into Japanese and the potential UI issues that occured due to this.

TBM – Detail 1
TBM – Detail 2
TBM – Detail 4
TBM – Detail 3


The concept it based around the 3 main functions of Qurate Hub, curating content, posting content and engaging with customers. These 3 services feed off one another forming a triangle.

The application of the colours worked well with the UI. However, there are certain recurring issues with language. We decided to directly translate the content and allow users to switch between language from within the UI. There is no problem with switching however, typesetting in Japanese has its difficulties. Sentences can be overly long due to the size of characters, so Japanese type has to have it’s own rules to fit in the same space at English language, so it doesn’t break the UI.


For now the language issues have been overcome however, the solution isn’t perfect. This issue needs to be monitored going forward and a more permanent resolution found. This may be a complete UI overhaul for Japanese customers. It’s becoming evident that Japanese users have different expectations from European and American users. Design patterns and styles we have become accustomed to in the west sometimes don’t translate well in Japan. This is not just due to language but culture and exposure to design styles. This is an interesting issue and one which needs careful consideration.